i honestly miss zayn so much

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"I’m going to do something with Zayn. We’re going to make a soulful record. 100 per cent. He’s got a soulful voice."

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"Vocally, no one carried the evening on his shoulders, although Zayn Malik’s voice has emerged as the smoothest and strongest of the bunch, even when his stage presence seemed the most distant. (Keep an eye on that guy.)"

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people always make fun of zayn for not showing up on twitter or being as out in the public eye as the other boys but when you take a step back you can kind of see why. i know this tweet is from last year but remember that zayn (as well as many other muslims) get so much hate and negative stereotypes associated with them. today’s events just reminded me of all of this i know people make jokes and often their intent isn’t to be offensive but the ‘jokes’ aren’t funny at all. they’re rude and racist and can really hurt a person on the inside so don’t assume a person is a certain way because of the way they look or the religion they practice because it’s not okay. ever

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